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About us

30+ Year Home Painting Experience

Paint Pros is family owned and operated. We have been working in the Painting Industry for over 20 years. We are locally owned, providing excellent customer service. We are fully licensed, bonded and Insured. We have everything required to protect the homeowner.


We pride ourselves on offering upfront customer care. Everything is spelled out clearly so every aspect is completely understood. The owners of the company are hardworking individuals that have to spend their life designated to painting and serving the consumer.


Paint Pros Central Oregon's main focus is Customer Service, we want to provide complete customer satisfaction in all areas of the project and that starts before the project even begins. We work with the home paint companies to bring down the cost of material and pass those savings on the homeowner. We provide House Painting Free Estimates where we will come out to your home and provide yours with a detailed quote of all the work being completed. We do not have any hidden costs, everything is black and white and you will know exactly what your costs will be to paint your home. Within the detailed quote, we will describe not only the areas that will be painted and the process that will go along with it but we will also provide accurate start and completion dates and any additional details pertaining to the work being completed. After we provide you with the estimate and you decide to hire our company will have you sign a formal contract so everything is in writing. We are always available by phone or email to answer any of your questions you may have during this time. We make it as seamless as possible for the customer so the process is completely understood.


After you hire Paint Pros Central Oregon we will then schedule the project, when we schedule we provide you with accurate start and completion dates as well as the times of day you can expect the work to be completed.

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